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“I suffered a great deal from tennis elbow. Physical Therapy and cortisone shots were not helping me make the progress I needed. Dr. Ellis knew exactly what to do. Within a few weeks I was free of pain and regained the strength in my grip in a few months. I recommend him highly.”

– Steven Gilbert

“In my line of work, injury has been an every other job occurrence. Fortunately, in the past four months I have found relief through Dr. Katie Briley. I had experienced sleeplessness that yielded little more than a few hours of restless sleep for at least the six weeks prior. Having suffered frequent numbness in my extremities, I’d had enough and committed myself to a twice weekly treatment. Katie was very empathic in her assessment and treatment of my pain yet firmly set on a rehabilitative plan that would involve a combination of muscle isolating core and back exercises coupled with graston. Within a few days I was sleeping again and after a couple of weeks my pain was to a level that I could comfortably work and actually be productive. Now as I look back on visits to Katie, I can see how important it is to have a doctor that listens and takes notes! Because of her expertise and professionalism, I am pain free.”

– Matthew Zeller

“I have received Chiropractic Care from Dr. Howie-Driml since moving to Omaha in 2000. I have found a doctor who is knowledgeable and continues to increase her knowledge with further study and years of experience. Dr. Howie-Driml is professional, compassionate and understanding of my needs and always helps me feel better. I have never felt pressured to have more adjustments than I thought were necessary for my conditions. Dr. Howie-Driml truly cares that I am well and functioning physically in my daily living not only with the adjustments but by providing me with information on exercises and activities that promote strength , and mobility. Thank you Dr. Howie-Driml for helping me to live a more physically active life at age 62.”

– Jeanne Forsberg

“Thank you Dr. Janet Howie for helping me with my neck pain. Within two visits I was feeling so much better. You did what others could not achieve. Thanks for the relief.”

– Virginia Gentry

“I have experienced amazing results through Dr. Joel Myers and his combination of chiropractic and ART techniques. I used to suffer from chronic neck and upper back pain due to an injury years ago. Through several visits with Dr. Myers my days are now manageable and pain free!

I also had tendonitis in my wrist and was on the verge of getting surgery to relieve the pain. At a visit with Dr. Myers, he explained that through ART he could alleviate the discomfort and potentially reverse the tendonitis. Remarkably, I have almost no pain in my wrist and have gained complete and trouble-free mobility and best of all, I no longer require surgery!

My husband was complaining of lower back pain and after months of massage and only temporary relief, I suggested he see Dr. Myers since I had so much success with him. After only one visit with Dr. Myers his lower back pain was gone and he was able to touch his toes for the first time in many years.

We are life-long clients and believers in Dr. Myers care and treatment.”

– Holly Henning

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